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Marriesol Blake, a 2nd-year student at The University of Technology, Jamaica. Future Marketers Association

19 year old, Marriesol Blake, is a 2nd-year student at the University of Technology, Jamaica, the representative for the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies, and the Director of Public Relations at UTECH’s Future Marketers Association.

I figured the best way to start my journey as a Marketer is to be my first project. I am quite creative, innovative and talented. I have plenty to advertise.


I have been a poet for quite some time. I’ve been interested in the art form long before I knew that I could create it so effortlessly. I will be creating visuals for my art. This is the interesting part. …

One night I was casually scrolling on tiktok when I came up on a young woman sharing her journey to luxury at age 23. With the wealth mindset that I possess, of course I followed her and lurked on her profile for a while. In one of her videos she mentioned ways that we can get certified as social media marketers. She mentioned Facebook Blueprint. I have a few marketing certifications so far, a few from Google Digital Garage and one Content Marketing Certificate from ICreate Institute, Jamaica along with my degree in the field.

Now, with my natural inclination…

I’ve been a media student for almost four years. So far, pursuing a degree in communications has exposed me to different types of production and design, but that’s not the part of marketing that I fell in love with. I aspire to become an influencer and media personality.

My Style

I’ve always liked colors and the aesthetic arrangement of an environment. I take interest in interior design and event planning. I do love fashion as well. My personal taste is very simple but impactful. When I envision a set on which I would be presenting, I imagine it to be very soft…

As a new content marketer and digital creator, I want to capture as many opportunities for exposure an influence as I can. I chose this industry as a way to impact lives and help people to protect their personal and professional brand.

Is there such a things as casual PR? Maybe not so formal but maybe not so casual either. Public relations actually requires a lot of planning and strategy. Let’s say it isn’t for business purposes in this case, you would still need to calculate how you would approach a situation if you want to protect your public image…

Branding is the most important aspect of public relations as it is the representation of a business or organization. Branding involves creating a logo, slogan, signature image etc. A lot of people may think that branding only refers to luxury brands like shoes, fashion, appliances or even cars, but a brand is a lot more than that. Branding can be seen as the maker or breaker of a business.

Company Branding

Branding for business holds great impact on the type of customers/clients that you attract and the amount of profit that you make. Trademarking, brand building and registration of a brand would…

Public relations is a term that brings about thoughts or corporate operations, i.e. companies and other different organizations. However, public relations can be applied to digital creation. I am a content creator and new co tent marketer. Since becoming a part of this industry, I’ve discovered that public relations strategies applies to digital endeavors as as much as it does to corporate management.

Digital PR

Vlogging, blogging, social media posting, photography, music and other forms of digital art, does take on PR strategies. They, just like formal organizations, have to be consistent with content, relatable, relevant and in the loop with their…

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